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European Standards Consulting – Romania is a privately owned Human Relations consultancy, founded in May 2002 in Timişoara, Romania by Paul Pătraşcu and Rita Booker Solymosi in Berlin, Germany.

Starting with HR outsourcing services for foreign companies in Romania, offering smartree solutions for payroll and recruitment, ESC Romania’s strongest impact was always improving the soft skills of our clients. We have recruited, trained and coached thousands of participants in communication, leadership, conflict management and helped with teambuilding, moderation and presentation techniques for Romanian employees to raise the local efficiency and working quality to European Standards before and after Romania joined the European Union in 2007.

Insights and case studies of this exciting transition phase of Romania were incorporated and published in the German books 2007  “Wachstumsmärkte Osteuropa – Strategien für langfristigen Erfolg in den neuen EU-Ländern”  and 2008 “Business Know-How Rumänien” by Rita Booker.

For English readers Rita Booker co-authored “Cultural Detective ® Romania” with Stefan Pălărie, a manual for cross-cultural trainings based on the very specific core values of the Romanian culture in 2008.

European Standards Consulting Romania became part of the Booker International group in 2010 and continues to develop and deliver cross cultural training, coaching and consulting.

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